Welcome To The Mini-Course!

Introducing the...

FREE Python, Data Science & Machine Learning Mini-Course for Professionals

Over several hours you will...

Install Python, learn the basics, and get coding!

Manipulate & Analyse a Dataset using the popular Python package, Pandas!

PROJECT 1: Write code that will find all Prime numbers up to one million in under a second!

PROJECT 2: Build, Train, and Test a real Machine Learning model!

What you need...

  • A couple of hours
  • A cup of coffee, or maybe three...
  • Curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to progress your career
  • A computer (PC, Mac, or Linux)

What you don't need...

  • Any experience in with Python, Data Science or Machine Learning (in other words, this is perfect for beginners!)


Meet your instructor...

Hi, I'm Andrew Jones...

I've spent over 14 years in Data Science at companies including Amazon & more recently Sony PlayStation where I developed and prototyped Machine Learning based features for the PlayStation 5 - several of which have been patented by Sony.

I created and run DATA SCIENCE INFINITY - a full programme for Data Science & Machine Learning - helping aspiring Data Scientists get ahead of the competition and into a great role!  

I'd love to help you explore the fields of Data Science & Machine Learning - I know that once you've seen what is within your reach, it will grow into a lifelong learning journey!

Please do reach out for support & advice - I'll be happy to help.​

You can email me at andrew@analytics-link or connect with me on LinkedIn